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Workbook Answers to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

2 Comments   Posted: 29/04/15   by Luke Imbong

    Workbook Answers to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

    “Where can I find the answers to the Cert IV TAE workbook?”

    This is one of the most common questions we hear from students of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. If you’re currently taking up this course or are thinking about it, then you may be wondering the same thing.

    The Cert IV TAE is Australia’s national standard for trainers and assessors so don’t be afraid to approach your trainer for help. After all, trainers are there to guide you in completing workbooks and submitting projects and assignments. You may not get the actual workbook answers, but they’ll make it heaps easier by pointing you in the right direction.

    With the following trainer’s tips on answering the workbook, you may find the TAE40110 more manageable than you first thought.

    1. Finding Answers in the Learner Guides

    The first tip to make your course much simpler is to take advantage of your Learner Guides. Consider it your biggest and most helpful tool when completing workbooks. You can answer a big chunk of the course using this guide alone.

    The Learner Guides can be downloaded as soon as you have access to the student portal. Once you have it, it’s easy to find the section you need. The Learner Guides include a table of contents you can use to navigate to relevant sections quickly and easily. You can also search the document by pressing CTRL + F on your keyboard and type keywords related to your question to find the right section.

    For example, the Learner Guides includes a brief and easy to read description of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. If you encounter any question about the VET sector, simply head to this section and you’ll have the answer.

    Just remember to use your own words when you answer questions. Directly copying from the Learner Guides is plagiarism and we cannot accept plagiarised answers. If you do submit a plagiarised answer, your trainer will ask you to do it again and you’ll simply be wasting your own time. We want to see that you’ve studied the Learner Guides, understood the information and can explain it in your own words.

    2. Finding Answers on the Australian Government Training website

    If you can’t find the answer in the Learner’s Guide, then it’s most likely on the website.

    This website will be your main resource when it comes to researching training packages and their units of competency. You can search for their course codes, qualification level, licensing requirements, job or career outcomes and heaps of other information you can use for your workbook.

    For example, if an assignment asks you about the components of a unit or a training package, simply go to, type in the unit or package name on the search bar and you’ll end up on the page with the answers you need. The page is conveniently divided into sections which sometimes even lines up with what the workbook is asking for.

    This website is a database of all accredited courses so you should find the qualification you’re looking for whether it be under Hospitality, Work Safety, Financial Services, or any other industry.

    A similar website that has additional information about training packages is

    3. Doing Outside Research

    From time to time, you may have to do extra research for specific topics that aren’t covered in the Learner Guide or training website. After all, learning how collect information is an important skill for trainers and assessors.

    The Australian Quality Framework states that:

    “Graduates of a Certificate IV will have: Cognitive skills to identify, analyse, compare and act on information from a range of sources.”

    The TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment also includes research skills in the Employability Skills outcomes for the course:

    • Researching, reading, analysing and interpreting workplace specifications
    • Researching information and accessing policies and frameworks to maintain currency of skills and knowledge
    • Using technology to enhance outcomes, including online delivery and research using the internet

    The good news is, there is now heaps of information available online and elsewhere. You can access a range of sources, including free news articles, policies, instructional videos and infographics. If you don’t know where to start, try doing a simple search on a website like Google, Bing or Yahoo and refine your keywords until you find the information you need. Many search have advanced search features you can use to refine your search. Search operators are also powerful tools to help you extract the information you need quickly and easily.


    Nearly everything you need to complete the course can be found in the workbooks or on Government and regulator websites.

    If you get stumped by a question, practice using your research skills to find what you need or get in touch with your trainer. Your trainers are there to help you manage the course, so don’t be discouraged if you need their help. They can’t answer your workbooks for you, but they will help you get on back on track to completing your course.

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    • Lim says:

      Dear trainer, I just started this course. Can someone help me how to look for the trainer guide mentioned? Thanks.

      • Luke Imbong says:

        Hi Lim! It’s great to hear that you’re currently improving your skills with this Cert IV TAE course. Are you enrolled with Inspire Education? If yes, here’s how you can download your Trainer Guide:

        1. Log into the student portal with the username and password you were sent through email
        2. Click on “My Documents” on the left menu
        3. Click on the “Resources” tab at the top
        4. Click on each subject to see the files you can download
        5. Click on the Learner Guide files to open them

        If you need more help with your course, just let us know :)

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