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Vocational Education And Training: What Is It All About?

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    Why Undertake Vocational Education And Training?

    Undertaking a Vocational Education and Training course allows you to gain career relevant and practical skills that are highly sought after in today’s tough job market. Many student undertake vocational education and training to improve employment prospects, move forward with their career or begin a new career as a vocational education and training trainer within a TAFE, private or publically run organisation or within a registered training organisation.

    Conversely, some students undertake vocation education and training as a pathway to higher education, like university. The Australian Qualifications Framework is the key body which monitors all Australian qualifications allowing you to move onto subsequent levels of higher education.

    As a large majority of vocational education and training courses offer blended, face-to-face, distance or online learning. This offers choice and flexibility in career planning setting up the foundation for ongoing learning and study as well as preparing you for the workforce.

    Vocational education and training are offered by an array of learning institutions. Senior secondary schools, TAFEs, registered training organisations, public and privately owned training institutions and universities.

    Levels Of Education And Training Courses

    There are 10 levels recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework:

    1. Level 1: Certificate I
    2. Level 2: Certificate II
    3. Level 3: Certificate III
    4. Level 4: Certificate IV
    5. Level 5: Diploma
    6. Level 6: Advanced Diploma and Associate Degree
    7. Level 7: Bachelor Degree
    8. Level 8: Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Vocational Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Vocational Graduate Diploma
    9. Level 9: Master’s Degree
    10. Level 10: Doctoral Degree

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