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Certificate IV In Training And Assessment: BSBCMM401A Make A Presentation

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    BSBCMM401A ‘Make A Presentation’

    As part of your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you will be required to undertake elective subjects. In light of the options available I have decided to put together an article onBSBCMM401A ‘Make a Presentation’. As one of the most popular electives on offer I believe this will be of great help to many students.

    This Cert IV TAE40110 elective requires students to prepare, deliver and review the presentation.

    Preparation Of The Presentation

    You will need to choose presentation aids, materials and techniques to suit the format and purpose of the presentation and enhance audience understanding. These may include audio visual aids such as videos and pod-casts or perhaps a PowerPoint presentation. You will also need to choose presentation strategies and delivery methods targeted at your audience. You will need to consider the characteristics (perhaps age, interests and gender) of your audience as well as location, resources and personnel needed. Finally you will analyse the techniques available to evaluate presentation effectiveness.

    Delivering The Presentation

    In organising your presentation you will need to explain and discuss your desired outcomes with the target audience by using presentation aids and examples to understand the key concepts. During the presentation it is advised you analyse verbal and non-verbal interaction and communication between participants and alter your performance as such.

    The presentation should allow the audience to clarify any ideas they are uncertain on, ensuring the presentation addresses their needs and preferences. At the conclusion you should be re-iterating the important and key ideas to encourage deep learning and understanding.

    For more information on delivering presentations check our previous blog titled ‘Tips for an Effective Presentation’.

    Reviewing The Presentation

    Reviewal of work is the most important step to personal development and improvement. The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment aims to encourage this while facilitating learning. You will use the feedback from those involved in the presentation and those in the audience to alter ideas and structures for the future. You will implement the techniques analysed in the preparation stage to review the effectiveness of the presentation.

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